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Announcement: Welcome

Welcome to the Pine Forest Property Owners Association (PFPOA) website.

The Pine Forest subdivision is nestled within the Lost Pines area of Bastrop County, Texas.

Incorporated in 2000, the PFPOA organized to promote and develop the common good and social welfare of the Pine Forest community.

Members of PFPOA elect a Board of Directors to carry out the Articles Of Incorporation and abide by the Bylaws.

The Architectural Control Committee’s (PFACC) main purpose is to protect the value and desirability of the properties within this subdivision.

If you have any questions or concerns  pertaining to your Pine Forest Properties, please contact us.

To learn more about us please view the Information section of our website.



At this year’s Annual Meeting the County, School, and City appeared and asked that we let them vote all foreclosed lots, plus the Gold Dome lots, which were not foreclosed but were tendered over to the taxing jurisdictions over 20 years ago.

A development company with which we had contracted for most of the same property, was seeking to vote many of the same lots.  Since the County action came so late, performing an accurate count within the limited timeframe of the meeting was impractical.  As a result, the meeting was recessed until such time as the Board could determine how many votes would be allocated to the County/School/City and how many votes the developer would have.

When the voting determination is made, the Board will provide the required notice and call the meeting out of recess to conduct the remainder of the agenda.  We will be voting for one Board member, and two sets of amendments for each of the two subdivisions.

You may find copies of the proposed amendments and covenants below, at the bottom of the original notice.





American Legion Meeting Hall

3003 Loop 150, Bastrop, TX


The following clarifications and amendments to our Covenants Conditions and Restrictions will be put to a vote by the Association Owners.  Since Unit 6 has CC&Rs separate from Units 7-12, each segment of property owners will be voting on their respective CC&Rs.

For a copy of the proposed changes click on the items underlined below.

Agenda      Last year’s minutes      Financial Report


Unit 6 Amendments                                         Unit 7-12 Amendments

Covenants As Amended                                         Covenants As Amended

Amendment 1                                                           Amendment 1

Amendment 2                                                           Amendment 2



County Judge Paul Pape came to the POA monthly meeting this April, and discussed the process for having trees removed from our lots AT NO COST TO THE LOT OWNER.

The first step is to fill out and submit a form to the Lost Pines Habitat Conservation administrator at Bastrop County.  For your convenience I have developed a fillable form that you can download, fill out, and then submit to Colton Stabeno, at the County.  His number is 512-332-7284.

After doing this, you can contact Go Green International, and fill out their form on-line.

We are hoping that everyone who has dead trees on their property will participate in this FREE TREE REMOVAL.

Golf Play and Membership

For those of you who are interested in golf, you should try out the Colovista Golf Club, which is now re-opened.


All structures must be approved, in writing, by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  Failure to comply with this Covenant requirement can result in SUBSTANTIAL FINES.  A permit must be filed and approved, in writing, by the ACC before construction begins.

Permit fees are $500 for new homes or additions to living areas.  While an approved permit is required for all structures, there is no charge for permitting additional, non-living area, structures.  This includes swimming pools, fences, retaining walls, driveways, storage buildings, patio/deck additions above ground level, to mention a few.

Failure to secure a permit before starting construction will incur another $1,000 fine.  If the Property Owners’ Association is forced the hire a lawyer to enforce compliance, the lot owner will be additionally charged for all legal costs with a minimum charge of $1,500 for legal fees.  This legal fee applies to all enforcement actions, whether for new construction or simple compliance with the Covenants by existing homeowners.

Wait! Before You Plant a Pine Tree, Read This

Drought hardy Loblolly pine should be available in January 2013.  Please DO NOT plant any other variety of pine in the Lost Pines ecoregion!


Regular Board Meetings

The Pine Forest Property Owners Association Board of Directors is now meeting on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m., except for the months of July and December.  The monthly meetings are held at the First National Bank Building, 118 Highway 71/21 W (across Hastler Blvd from HEB) in Bastrop.